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Development of Sustainable Human Resources in the Period 2000-2021: A Bibliometric Review

Volume 14, Issue 1

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    • Development of Sustainable Human Resources in the Period 2000-2021: A Bibliometric Review

    • Vol. 14, Issue 1, Pages: 117-139(2023)   
    • DOI:10.47297/wspchrmWSP2040-800506.20231401    

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  • analysis is one of the most important parts of bibliometric assessments, and the mores research gets, the more effective it is.analyses are based on the assumption that authorsimportant articles and, in a way, indicate the quality of thed publication (Rodriguez-Ruiz et al., 2019; Ruggeri et al., 2019). However, considering the number ofs as a quality measure may give erroneous results. Newly published studies are expected to receive fewers than previously published articles not related to their quality. Accumulatings can take time, so news may not be directly linked. This study determined the minimum number ofs for ad reference as the threshold value of “25” for an article included in theanalysis. Figure 5 shows the most influential Web of Science and Scopuspublications. Accordingly, Daily, B.F's article "Achieving Sustainability Through Attention To Human Resource Factors in Environmental Management" is the mostd work with 460s. The most effective study, with 460s, is how many businesses associate the effectiveness of the environmental management system, which they use as a strategic tool in gaining competitive advantage, with human resources factors such as environmental education, employee empowerment, and teamwork and reward systems. Another major study is the article “An aspirational Framework for Strategic Human Resource Management” by Jackson, S. E. Pointing to the necessity of investigating important issues such as innovation management and environmental sustainability in developing the empirical knowledge base of Strategic Human Resources Management, this study is the second mostd study with 373s. DOI: 10.47297/wspchrmWSP2040-800506.20231401.

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