Porcelain Publishing International Limited (PPI) was established in 2016 in London, England. PPI is based on an international, actively cooperates with China's "going out" publishing strategy, vigorously promotes the export and introduction of copyright, and continuously expands international exchanges and cooperation, and has achieved remarkable results. The PPI International Book Publishing Project encourages Chinese scientific researchers to publish English books. The publishing house has rich international communication resources and strong editing, translation and publishing capabilities. It has a group of well-known Chinese and foreign translation experts, publishing experts, and a team of editing, translation and international marketing proficient in international publishing. Exploring "scientific progress" and "social progress" is the eternal theme of mankind. PPI advocates leading the academic direction with scientific beliefs, following national laws and local regulations, and can assist you in publishing academic works with high quality, speed and low cost. At the same time, PPI is also committed to drawing on international scientific and cultural experience, interpreting Chinese civilization in English, and communicating world culture with books.


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